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It was a show starring a lovely lady with three daughters and a man named Brady with three sons that hit the airwaves in 1969. Only a year removed from the Chicago riots, and the deaths of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Yet, 1969 had its moments too. The Beatles had their last performance, the Concorde took flight, the Boeing 747 made its debut and Woodstock ​attracted more than 400,000 people on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York. 


The sitcom of course was The Brady Bunch, a family style sitcom that did not have major success during its run, but became part of American families everywhere as re-runs taught children and teenagers alike what growing up was all about. Why all this talk about The Brady Bunch? Well, a few weeks ago, after I had wrapped up one of the many Zoom meetings I’ve been on, it hit me. Those little Zoom user boxes on my laptop look not unlike the title sequence of The Brady Bunch. Except of course the Brady’s looked much happier, (and somehow seemed to know where each other were on the screen.) 

I laughed thinking about how we’ve come so far along in technology only to look like a 1970s sitcom. But there seems to be a deeper meaning to all this for me. See, as I was thinking about the current events of the day, I realized that people of faith have much to pay attention to. When the Brady’s were making their mark on TV land, the writers ignored one of the biggest issues that was swirling around them at the time. 


By: Mizhraim Rivera

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